Putting the Giving Form on Your Website

You can create and manage an unlimited number of giving and payment forms in BlueFire. To use the forms, you have to provide your donors with a link to them. We have a few different options for this. You can find them by going to the Forms page, and under the Action drop down, clicking on the “Get Code” option.

Get Form Code Modal
A screen shot of the available options to share your giving or payment form.
  • The most common option is to place the giving form on your website with an “iframe”. When you do this you are actually placing a website within a website: The “iframe” becomes a secure window to the BlueFire-hosted giving form. You can use this option by copying and pasting the Secure iFrame code into your website. The drawback to this approach is, of course, that the donor cannot see the web address of the “iframe” and has no way of knowing that the page is securely loaded (i.e., they can’t see the “https”).
  • Our recommend solution is to place a “Give Online” button onto your website. When donors click it they will be taken to the BlueFire form. You can use this option by copying & pasting the GiveOnline Button code into your website.
  • You are also able to share a link to your form on various social media outlets or even in an email. We provide the direct link under Secure URL in the “Get Code” modal.
  • Another great feature is the QR codes that we provide (there are links provided to large versions). The QR code can be scanned by smart phones (a QR code scanning application is required) and will take the donor directly to your giving form. You can use QR codes everywhere: Signs, flyers, bulletins, newsletters, etc.