Export Options

There are a few different ways to export transaction data from BlueFire. (1) The first and most straightforward is to visit the Reporting > Summary page and clicking the export button in the top right.

The export button on the transaction summary page
The export button on the transaction summary page

Note that the export range will match the range already selected for this page. You’ll notice there are a few customization options available for this export  (such as ordering the gift by donor name) after you click the export button.

(2) The second export option is available on the Reporting > Transaction page and is only visible after you perform an advanced search. Click the Advanced Search button and then click Search. You’ll see the export option just below the advanced search dialog.

Export options available from the Add-On settings page.

(3) The other export options available are generally software-specific, and can be enabled the Organization > Add-Ons page. There are currently four options available: Breeze ChMS, CAMS export, Shelby (BankOne.txt) and the ACS Technologies export. There is a short description about where to find each option after it is enabled when you hover over the question marks on this page.

(4) The final, advanced option: Clients are able to program their own exports using the Reporting API.